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Visual Plants © Copyright 2002
   ...  to all involved people

We have to thanks a lot of persons helping us to improve Visual Plants and to make it more functional as before. We have to thank lots of experts for the determination of plants from photographs and from herbarium specimen. And, we have to thank for the cooperation in including images and records into Visual Plants.

These persons (and many more) have supported Visual Plants with information and images:

Bärbel Bleher (Mainz, Germany)

Siegmar-Walter Breckle (Bielefeld, Germany)

Gunnar Brehm (Bayreuth, Germany)

Christiane Dalitz (Bielefeld, Germany)

Eberhard Fischer (Koblenz, Germany)

Jorge Gomez-Laurito (San José, Costa Rica)

Vindas Jorge (San José, Costa Rica)

Barbara Küppers (Stuttgart, Germany)

Manfred Küppers (Stuttgart, Germany)

Teresa Barrantes Lobo (San Ramon, Costa Rica)

Steffen Matezki (Bayreuth, Germany)

Ulrich Meve (Bayreuth, Germany)

Victor Mora (San Ramon, Costa Rica)

Francisco Morales (INBio, Costa Rica)

Asta Napp-Zinn (Bielefeld, Germany)

Rodolfo Ortiz (San Ramon, Costa Rica)

Daniel Piechowski (Berlin, Germany)

Charlotte M. Taylor (Missouri, USA)

Dana Uster (Bielefeld, Germany)

Florian Werner (Loja, Ecuador)

Doris Wolff (Bayreuth, Germany)

Jose Luis Martinez-Zaporta (Segovia, Spain)

Ulf Soltau (Bayreuth, Germany)


Practical courses "Diversity of tropical plant families" (at University of Bielefeld): 2002, 2003 (Winter semester) and 2004 (Winter semester); (at University of Hohenheim): 2005 (Summer semester).


... to the involved programmers:

Igor Ebner de Carvalho (University of Bielefeld) for improving the determination key system

Jörg Waltemathe (University of Hohenheim) for programming almost everything of Visual Plants Online

Liat Mizrahi-Todt (University of Hohenheim) for system checks, for detecting and fixing of errors and bugs

Mirjam M. Weiß (University of Hohenheim) for creating a new corporate logo and web design